Gotta Fill the Hall

In the early ’60s I was working at radio station KSTT in the Quad-Cities. In addition to being on the air, I also did commercial production. One day during my air shift, the receptionist buzzed me on the intercom. “Ulysses is here.”Read more

Old Sitcoms Never Die…

It is hard to believe over half a century has passed since Ozzie and Harriet and I Love Lucy were on TV every week. That was in the ’50s. I watched them, as a young child of course. Today, one can be of any age and be familiar with shows of any era, thanks to cable re-runs, DVDs, and old people talking about them. Let’s move up a decade. There was The Andy Griffith Show, Beverly Hillbillies, and Get Smart. Skip up anotherRead more

The Lone Saguaro

Poetic Piece by Bill Vancil The lone saguaro braves the desert chill, unafraid of the approaching darkness. Thus it has been for countless years, for this majestic patriarch of the Sonoran desert. As the sun slips reluctantly below the horizon, shadows grow longer, the air becomes colder. The saguaro longs for rain; many of its needles slant downward to direct moisture to its roots. More often than not, the rain does not come, only the creatures of the desert night. A fury tarantula cautiouslyRead more

Dancing TV Ads

TV Commercials can cost nearly as much to produce as a trip to the orthodontist. Some TV ads are excellent, even brilliant.Then, there are the ones that seem to have evolved from the same one track mind of some one track writer at some one track agency. Television today is overloaded with commercials that feature people dancing. Not just dancing, but dancing mindlessly…for no reason. Jumping, twirling, waving hands in the air, like a troop of baboons bouncing around as ifRead more