Month: October 2015

It’s All About Making a List

Lists are everywhere on the internet. Things like “Ten Famous People You’ve Never Heard Of,” “Five Best Cars That Have Been Recalled,” or

Atomic Level Name Dropping

The Masonic Temple in Davenport, Iowa has been the venue for many concerts over the years. It’s an ominous building,

“It Might Be Cancer…”

Time slows down, the days seem longer when a doctor tells you, “It might be cancer.” I’ve had that unnerving prediction gnaw at my gut more than once.

TV – Still a “Vast Wasteland?”

Newton Minow, former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, in a 1961 speech to the National Association of Broadcasters said, “When television is good,

A Beach Ball Saves the Day

My daughter Tori Lou was about seven years old. Her mom and I had separated a few months earlier and Tori Lou was with me for the weekend.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

In 1969, I left the Quad-Cities for Madison, Wisconsin and moved into a duplex on a quiet suburban street named Lyman Lane.

Old Sitcoms Never Die…

It is hard to believe over half a century has passed since Ozzie and Harriet and I Love Lucy were on TV every week. That was in the ’50s. I watched them, as a young child of course. Today, one can be of any age and…

The Lone Saguaro

Poetic Piece by Bill Vancil The lone saguaro braves the desert chill, unafraid of the approaching darkness. Thus it has been for countless years, for this majestic patriarch of the Sonoran desert. As the sun slips reluctantly below the horizon, shadows grow longer, the air becomes…

Trains, Boats, and…?

By my junior year in high school, I’d visited 48 States and 13 foreign countries – without ever getting on an airplane! Sound impossible?

Dancing TV Ads

TV Commercials can cost nearly as much to produce as a trip to the orthodontist. Some TV ads are excellent, even brilliant.Then, there are the ones that seem to have evolved from the same one track mind of some one track writer at some one…

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