Dancing TV Ads

TV Commercials can cost nearly as much to produce as a trip to the orthodontist. Some TV ads are excellent, even brilliant.Then, there are the ones that seem to have evolved from the same one track mind of some one track writer at some one track agency. Television today is overloaded with commercials that feature people dancing. Not just dancing, but dancing mindlessly…for no reason. Jumping, twirling, waving hands in the air, like a troop of baboons bouncing around as if in a disco. And, the type of advertisers who use this now hackneyed concept include all types, from credit cards to car dealers, from cereals to cell phone companies. There seems to be no end to this burned out approach.

A lady finds out she has lowered her cholesterol, so she dances and struts down the street, wiggling and pointing at the sky. A guy takes one look at a new car, and starts boogalooing all around the showroom, then the car salespeople join in, creating a mass boogaloo. Some young lady finds out her credit score is available free, jumps up on an office desk and starts doing the twist.Dancing in Kitchen

A couple in the supermarket has just discovered a new yogurt called “Mango Tango.” Following twenty seconds of a spirited tango, they load their shopping cart with five cases of the new flavor and, together, push the cart to checkout, grinning all the way.

Lately, when I watch a TV commercial, I can almost predict at what point the dancing will start. There…a guy is in the hardware store looking at weed trimmers. He’s grinning now, and…look! What’s that dance he’s doing? Looks like the monster mash! His eyes are glossing over. He’s waving the trimmer around! Quick! Toss me the TV remote! But…no, wait… I might throw it at the screen.

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