Don’t Overlook the Obvious

Coming up with original ideas has been my life. As a radio guy, graphic designer, as a writer – coming up with new ideas has paved the way to my successes. Why then do I have a cat named “Kitty?” Why not “Fluffy,” or “Maggie?” The reason is, she adopted us; she walked out from a horse barn and followed me and my dog Roy home.

We had seen her before, calling her “Kitty” or sometimes “Kitty Kitty,” the traditional way to try and get a cat’s attention (it doesn’t work.) KittyWe just kept calling her “Kitty,” and it seems odd now to imagine calling her anything else.

Similarly, the teddy bear I got for Christmas when I was two years old, is named “Teddy.” (I still have him.)  I suspect both instances are more likely related to a rule I’ve followed, which I’ve taught others over the years. In problem solving, in writing, in humor, I’ve tried to follow this advice, “Don’t overlook the obvious.” OK, then why is my dog named “Roy” and not “Doggie?”

I guess because it’s obvious – that would sound stupid.

6 responses to Don’t Overlook the Obvious

  1. Allison Gray says:

    I know someone whose cat is simply named “Cat.” She’s terribly spoiled and loved. And there’s nothing wrong with that!
    (Also, I love that Kitty is sitting on a Chewy box. Is she claiming what’s inside?)


    • billvancil says:

      Yes, Kitty’s sitting on a box from We order food for her and our dog Roy from there. Although, she has been known to sit on an empty Molsons box.


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