Atomic Level Name Dropping

The Masonic Temple in Davenport, Iowa has been the venue for many concerts over the years. It’s an ominous building, looks like a government structure, concrete top to bottom. Some claim that today it is haunted.Masonic Temple

Many concerts back in the 1960s were promoted by the owner of KSTT, the radio station where I worked as program director, so I emceed many of the shows, introducing people like Johnny Mathis, Steve and Eydie, Andy Williams, The Mamas and The Papas, Johnny Cash, The Kingston Trio, and more. The concert I remember the most was in 1965 when the opening act was a band called the “The Sheep.” I had never heard of them, and have never heard of them since. The main attraction, however, was a group that was a little better known at the time, but still early into their career with one or two hits.

These guys were ambitious and they wanted all the promotion they could get. So, they agreed to come with me to KSTT and record some promotional announcements. The four of them jammed into my 1964 Pontiac and I drove them to the station. After we recorded some liners, shared some jokes, raided the pop machine, I dropped them off at their hotel. It wasn’t too long after that they became more than famous.

So, when I want to do some heavy, atomic level name dropping, I tell folks I once gave a ride to Brian, Dennis, Mike, and Al РThe Beach Boys.

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