It’s All About Making a List

Lists are everywhere on the internet. Things like “Ten Famous People You’ve Never Heard Of,” “Five Best Cars That Have Been Recalled,” or “Ten Worst Cities to Go Bankrupt In.” Lists are made up to capture your imagination, to draw you in with a simple click which leads to another. And, by the time you’re half way though the first list, you will have clicked on even more lists. Somewhere there is probably a list of people who make lists of things they think other people should make lists of.Book of LIsts

How does one decide on the subject of a list? It’s easy. Just think of something, anything. Look out the window. You see a fire hydrant. Idea! Make a list of fun things to do with fire. Start with “Destroy Nests of Tent Worms” and Google it from there. Did I say Google it? Isn’t that a noun being used as a verb? There, that’s another idea. Make a list of “Nouns Used as Verbs.” Good idea. Pencil it in. Is pencil a verb? You get the idea. Write it down. Think of some more and soon you’ll have a list of things to make a list about.

If you are on the list of people who are seriously interested in lists then, and if you haven’t already, you should read “The Book of Lists” by David Wallechinsky and Amy D. Wallace, a bestseller published years ago. It is still available on Amazon for about 12 bucks. I haven’t read it. It is on my list of books I probably won’t read. 

3 thoughts on “It’s All About Making a List

  1. Dave Coopman says:

    How does one decide on the subject of a list? My decision is pretty easy these days… “Things I Gotta Get Done Today” followed by “Places I Need to Go.” I believe it might be an age thing.


  2. billvancil says:

    Yeah, that “instant request” reveal was coming up soon. I will keep it under wraps until I run out of other stuff to write about. Can I tell about the time you said “be the ninth caller,” and only got seven calls?


  3. Bobby Rich says:

    Stop giving away our secrets! The key is to embrace these ideas before the reader, listener and/or viewer has caught on to how easy it is to appear seemingly clever.

    Next you’ll probably reveal how we were able to play “instant requests” on the radio using reel-to-reel tape recorders and 45rpm vinyl.


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