Month: November 2015

Painting My Way to a Radio Career

My radio career spanned nearly four decades. Did quite well actually, but, I didn’t purposely choose radio as a career. I wanted to be a commercial artist.

Should I Do That Naked?

How many things are best done naked, excluding “you know what”? Taking a shower? Good answer. Sleeping?

995 Feet Straight Down

Recently I wrote about the fear of snakes and how, when I was a child, a huge viper appeared right in front of me,

Having Fun with Cow Manure

This may be one of the stranger topics we’ve written about on Brainshowers, but it’s one of those things that’s hard to overlook.

Half Empty or Half Full?

Answer to a timeless philosophical question.

Amazing Cop Story

Long ago, and far away in a place called Kewanee, Illinois, my home town, I was driving my high mileage Dodge van north on Tenney Street, the street on which I lived as a child.

What’s In That Shoe Box?

In 1968 there was a brief interruption in my radio career. I left my job at KSTT to sell mutual funds for a company

Fear of Friday the 13th

I’ve heard it is unlucky to be superstitious. So, I’m not worried much about Friday the 13th. I actually stepped on a crack when I took the dog out today.

Author Versus Writer

Is there a difference between an author and a writer? My name is on the front of a couple of books.

My Writing Assistant

Every day, around five a.m., my assistant wakes me up. She starts with a gentle touch to my cheek,

On the Way to the Prom

In the 1950s we looked forward, each year, to the unveiling of the new car styles. Unlike today, when you can’t tell a 2010 from a 2015,

Beating Prostate Cancer with Protons

Note:  If you know a man diagnosed with prostate cancer please share this information with him and his family. Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American men. Yet, it is estimated there are nearly 3 million men who have been…

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