Keep That Tail Wagging

Dogs have the best attitude. Even though they were shortchanged when God handed out life expectancies, they never whine about it. They will whine to go outside, or maybe to get a treat, but you never hear them going around saying, “How come I don’t get to live as long as a turtle.”

Dogs live for the moment. Roy_500x493_portraitThey don’t mope about what happened yesterday, and the only time they worry about the future is wondering when their owner is going to come home; and that’s because of the unconditional love that dogs give. Dogs deserve our love. They deserve to live. Oh, this is not about the importance of rescuing dogs that have been abandoned, that is for another time. Today this is actually about our ten year old puggle, Roy. He’s half pug and half beagle. He has the ears of his beagle mom, Cocoa, and the curly tail of his pug father, Frank the Tank. We’ve had this little guy since he was eight weeks old.
Roy w KittyJust over two years ago, Roy jumped off a bed and suffered a herniated disc. As soon as he hit the floor, and let out a painful yelp, I knew something bad had happened. I rushed him to a vet, who referred me to a veterinary specialty clinic in Tucson, and a neurosurgeon performed an operation that same evening. The people at the vet told me that some folks would just put the dog down because of the expense. I rejected that notion in a second. When someone gets a dog, they also get an obligation to care for it, to love it. The surgery was very expensive, but I’ve been a dog owner all my life, and I’ve never put one down. Roy_Glasses_6x6It took several months for Roy to get back to normal, many weeks just to be able to walk without me carrying his hind quarters along on a second leash. For many days, he couldn’t pee and we had to catheterize him. Yep, it was a blatant display of unconditional love. But, that’s exactly what Roy has given us. We have been successfully treating him for glaucoma, which has caused him to lose the sight in one eye. But he is in good spiirits, walks more than a mile every day, still wags that curly tail, and plays with some of his neighborhood dog friends. He’s not going anywhere for a while.

Read more about Roy and his best friend, Kitty, in their book,
Roy and Kittyavailable on Amazon.

Roy and Kitty book

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