My Writing Assistant

Every day, around five a.m., my assistant wakes me up. She starts with a gentle touch to my cheek, or a light brush of her nose against mine. If that doesn’t work, she jumps off the bed and starts scratching the carpet. That usually does it, and evokes a “Kitty! Stop it” from me. Other methods she uses to awaken me include knocking things off my desk, or tipping things over. A couple of times she actually walked back and forth on my keyboard (not the computer, but the one I play music on) until it kicked on; then walked on the keys playing something vaguely resembling Beethoven’s “Rondo Allegro.”  Kitty Waking

Once I’ve turned the lights on, my dog Roy gets into the act, shaking and wagging. I tell them, “Okay, you guys, let’s go eat.” After I’ve fed the dog and cat they both routinely go back to sleep. I pour my first cup of coffee and sit down at the computer. I write until the sun comes up and it’s light enough to take Roy out for his morning walk. The entire routine, from paw on face ’til dawn, gives me about two hours to write.

Sure, I could put Kitty in a different room at night. But, she’s the most reliable alarm clock I’ve ever had. My computer screen saver is a large clock, and I swear Kitty has learned to read it. But why write at that early hour? Because that’s when I’m the freshest, my brain has rested, and even if I don’t know what I’m going to write about untll I sit down, a new “brainshower” develops. This morning I wrote about… Well, you just read it.

Read more about Kitty and her best friend, Roy, in their book,
Roy and Kittyavailable on Amazon.
Roy and Kitty book

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