Fear of Friday the 13th

I’ve heard it is unlucky to be superstitious. So, I’m not worried much about Friday the 13th. I actually stepped on a crack when I took the dog out today. There are many theories about the origin of this phobia. Some claim it’s because Judas was the 13th guest at the last supper. Sounds a bit far-fetched. Others say it’s because in Norse legend, Loki was the 13th guest at a dinner party at which he arranged the murder of Balder the Beautiful and plunged the Earth into darkness and chaos. Now, that makes sense.

I know there are people who won’t fly on Friday the 13th, and I’ve heard there are others who won’t even go outside. The official name for the condition, fear of Friday the 13th, is friggatriskaidekaphobia. It is made up of a bunch of Greek words mixed together in no particular order. There is another phobia, and that is the fear of trying to pronounce friggatriskaidekaphobia  That somewhat less common phobia, is called homofrikaitriskaidekaphobanosis. We caution against even attempting to pronounce this word. It could cause permanent damage to your larynx, tonsils, and inner ear. Also, if spoken too loudly it could set off an automatic sprinkler system.

Photo of Javelina. Here for no apparent reason.

 I have actually walked almost under a ladder on Friday the 13th, almost brushed against it, and nothing bad happened. Once an almost black cat almost walked in front of me. Nothing. Nada. I wrote in an earlier post about my admitted moderate case of O.C.D. So, why wouldn’t I have a problem with something like this? I check doors several times to make sure they are closed. But, I would never check a door thirteen times. Well, maybe. Come to think of it, I did break a small mirror in 2008, just before the housing market plummeted.

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