Having Fun with Cow Manure

This may be one of the stranger topics we’ve written about on Brainshowers, but it’s one of those things that’s hard to overlook. I’m going to compare two community events. They take place at different times of the year in cities approximately 1,700 miles apart. The events have one thing in common – manure.

In Tucson, Arizona a popular November event features “Cow Pie Bingo.” You’ve probably got it figured out, but I’ll explain the mechanics.Cow Pie Bingo 2First, community minded people draw large squares on a big field of grass and number each one. Then, other community minded people put a snow fence around the area. I have deducted that because Tucson gets very little snow each winter, they have no other use for the snow fences which, because of a computer glitch, the local Lowe’s store has over-stocked.

The event begins with community minded event goers buying bingo cards. Then, several overfed Holsteins are turned loose on the oversized, grassy bingo card. You are starting to smell the idea. If one of the cows poops on a square, the person holding the number corresponding with that square wins a prize.Cow Chip 2 WI

The community minded people of Wisconsin may have already thought of Cow Pie Bingo, perhaps originated it. They have a lot of cows there and will think up things as an excuse to set up a beer tent. But, aside from that, I know of a different event involving cow poop that is conducted annually in Sauk City, Wisconsin that is more hands on than cow pie bingo. It’s the cow chip throwing contest. Here’s how this works. 1) cows poop 2) people allow the cow pies to dry and gather them up. 3) day of the event they see who can throw them the farthest. As I see this, the big difference is that cow pie throwing involves skill. Waiting for a cow to dump on a number, not so much. Either way these are quality family friendly activities, with far more entertainment value than say – curling.

3 thoughts on “Having Fun with Cow Manure

  1. jb says:

    Many years ago at a radio station in Illinois, I did play-by-play for a celebrity cow-chip throw. Several local politicians were very good at it, but as we noted at the time, they’re professionals.


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