God’s Greatest Typo

Dogs may well be the best thing to have gotten aboard Noah’s ark. It is, however, a shame that when God was handing out life expectancy certificates, he made a grievous error on those of the dog. Instead of the life expectancy being 10-14 years, it should have been 70-74 years. I guess God didn’t have spell-check. But, sevens can look like ones sometimes.

Roy – 9 yr old puggle

Anyway, I just felt like writing about dogs today. I have had so many terrific ones. A beautiful collie, Lady Diamond; an incredibly smart beagle/something mix named Mindy, a miniature schnauzer named Pfefferkorn, two black labs both smarter than I, Jennifer Jones and Piper, and the guy who’s lying next to me right now waiting to go outside, Roy. Those who say dogs don’t have feelings, may have never owned a dog, or did own one but never took the time to get to know it. They may have never seen how dogs cock their head when you say, “wanna go out?” They have never watched one wag its tail and spin around in circles because you have returned from being gone more than three hours. They have never noticed how dogs seem to have little concept of time; dogs live for the moment. They know the word “treat” but don’t know the word “angst.” The exception to that are the dogs waiting in shelters to be adopted. Some know the term, “lie down,” but none know the phrase “lie to me.”

Dogs don’t worry about stuff humans worry about. You never hear one saying, “Gee, how come I don’t get to live as long as a turtle?” They could care less about mortgage payments, MRI results, the stock market, that the sink is stopped up, or yes, terrorists. That’s because they don’t have to. They only have to be concerned about doing their God appointed job – being Man’s Best Friend. It’s a shame God made it a limited-term position.

If you have never owned a dog, and are prepared to make the serious commitment that comes with dog ownership, contact your local rescue shelter soon. Your new, limited term, best friend is waiting for you there. Not worrying that you’ll show up –  just waiting. That’s how dogs are.

Watch the U-tube video, “So God Made a Dog.”

Read more about Roy, and Kitty, in their book,
Roy and Kittyavailable on Amazon.
Roy and Kitty book

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