Could I Be Related to Dick Clark?

It was a typical weekday afternoon in the Quad-Cities, summertime 1969. Everyone alive at the time had their radios tuned to KSTT, or so I thought. Could be that’s why the station was so good. Everybody on the air was taught to perform as if our station was the only show in town. Of course, it wasn’t. I was doing the usual. Read the weather, play a record, play more records and try to squeeze in eighteen minutes of commercialsRead more

Recipe for Winning a Radio Contest

Cabbage Patch dolls and Compact Discs were introduced in 1983, the year Magic 98 in Madison, Wisconsin debuted with morning man, Pat O’Neill. He’s still on the air at Magic and during that more than thirty year span he has said an estimated 12,600 times, “Be the ninth caller.” Contests are an important part of any successful station’s format, and Pat has run a lot of them. What triggers listeners to dive for their phone and call? It could be a triviaRead more