Have a Leena?

A while back I announced that the Javelina would be the official mascot of the Brainshowers blog. The way this critter was chosen to be mascot is uninteresting. Out of nowhere, I thought, “This blog needs a mascot.” The spontaneity continued, “Javelina.” Okay, it will be Javelina, also known as the collared peccary. Looks a bit like a pig, but is not a pig.

Realizing that a good percentage of the readers of Brainshowers.net live somewhere other than Arizona, maybe those readers would like to learn more about this animal. I am not sure what the javelina contributes to mankind. They just walk around slowly in the desert eating some cactus parts and almost anything else. They are ugly, except then they are little. The baby javelinaJavelina, though not pigs, are called piglets. A piglet javelina is perhaps the cutest baby mammal there is. I limited the comparison to mammals because the baby turkey vulture is pretty darn cute.

In an effort to research stuff about the javelina, I turned on the computer and searched for information. Accidentally, I clicked on Amazon instead of Google. Rather than backtrack, I thought I’d see what the online mega-store could show me. “Bring it on, Amazon…”

Here are a few of the things I found:
1) Ceramic Javelina birthday candle holder.
2) Jigsaw puzzle of javelina mother and piglet.
3) Javelina crossing sign.
4) Felt banner for the Texas A&M Kingsville “Javelinas.”
5) 1995 baseball card of Desi Retaford, player for Peoria (AZ), Javelinas.
6) Books on javelinas. Remember when Amazon sold ONLY books?


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