The Truth About Dolly Parton and Me

On December 6th, in a story titled “And Henry Mancini Brought Pizza,” I wrote about having dinner with Andy Williams and Mancini following their concert in Madison. On October 27th, I posted the story “Atomic Level Name Dropping” in which I told how, following a concert in the Quad-Cities, I drove all four Beach Boys in my car. These are examples of stories that had a bit of a plot. If you haven’t done so already, you can read both of those stories using the links at the bottom of this page.Dolly and Me

Well, I have a cool picture of Dolly Parton and me among my collection of cool pictures. It was taken in 1976. I can tell the year by the tee-shirt I was wearing in the photo. The “Spirit of Madison” tee-shirt, which I designed for the bi-centennial. That would mean the photo is 39 years old. I did the math to figure out what ages Dolly and I were at the time. I will not reveal the numbers, as a courtesy to Dolly, just say we both look much younger than our actual age. Still true today.

The point of this story is that, there is no story. Unlike the ones with Andy and Henry, and the Beach Boys. There is just the picture. No story. Dolly Parton arrived at the radio station in her giant bus, walked in, took some pictures, and walked back to the bus. See? An uneventful encounter. No story. But, I had to come up with some way to get this picture on Brainshowers.

This is how Brainshowers come about. I approach the keyboard, and start typing, and a story always comes out. In this case, it’s a story about no story. So, how do I end such a story? Easy. Stop typing.

And Henry Mancini Brought Pizza   Atomic Level Name Dropping

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