Kudos to “The Voice”

The long weeks of practice and performance are over. I doubt anyone who watched “The Voice” this season would argue that it was the best collection of talent ever on the show. Likewise, I think most would agree the winner was no surprise. Jordan Smith, an overgrown cherub with the voice of an opera star slash rock star is a rare talent, the likes of which come along far and few between.

Jordon Smith
Jordan Smith

The judges were compassionate and charming, the host smooth and unpretentious, the musicians in the band exceptional, and the production superb. The show had so much class, even the drummer in the band had a small chrome logo “The Voice” on the side of his snare drum. Attention to detail, the highest standards of production value, and a terrific bunch of talent made this season great.

The premise of the spin-around chairs is what got viewers’ attention during the show’s first season, the personalities of the judges helped sustain its popularity, but I believe the main reason the show has been a success is that the talent is pre-selected and only artists who have a legitimate chance to make it are allowed to step up and sing to the back of the four chairs. No buffoons allowed, such those who showed up often on American Idol.

Did “The Voice” put “Idol” out of business? “Idol” has announced it will soon begin in its “farewell” season. Maybe it has just faded out for the passing of time, but in the past few seasons there has been a difference in quality between the two shows. I think in the end, “The Voice” will have produced as many stars as “Idol” has, and that’s saying a lot. Spin around in your chair if you agree.

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