Has Global Warming Affected Santa?

Christmas time seems to bring out some nice television commercials. The Budweiser Clydesdales are the perennial leaders in evoking sentimentality with their graceful clomping through the snow in quiet unison to an unidentifiable carol played by violins, harps and glockenspiels.Xmas Bud Horses A few days ago, I saw for the first time the commercial showing a bunch of Microsoft employees singing Christmas carols in front of an all-glass, massive, and modern Apple store in a big city. A light snow was falling and everyone was smiling, especially the Apple employees who were probably thinking, “I’ll bet they wish they had a cool building like this.” And then there are the Santa Claus commercials. Small children must really wonder what Santa really looks like. He shows up on TV in so many forms. The beard seems to be different on each one. Some full and pure white, some a bit more scraggly. And, I have yet to hear any television Santa emit a truly believable “Ho, ho, ho.” Xmas Kid on Lap-bvThey just don’t seem to put any feeling into it. It also must seem strange to the kids that, since Santa buys his gifts at most of the big box stores, at least that’s what the commercials say, how come they never see him there? And, what happened to his workshop? Perhaps flooded by global warming? Then there’s the commercial with a small boy on Santa’s lap saying he wants new carpeting for Christmas, and the kid even knows the name and address of the store. Maybe his parents own that store. I don’t know. Some commercials have already started wishing everyone a happy new year. One especially caught my ear, “. .wishing you the wonderful new year you so richly deserve.” What the heck does that mean? How do they know what anyone richly deserves? That’s totally up to Santa.

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