Exploring Two Forbidden Topics

When I started Brainshowers, I said that I would not write about politics or religion. Both topics are so entwined in the news these days, it is really hard to ignore either. So, I thought I’d try writing about both without saying anything which might trigger disagreement or, God forbid, (whoops) violence. I’ve learned, or at least been told, by teachers and journalists, that if you want to be a good writer, you must just sit down at the keyboard and write. Don’t fear sounding stupid, or making mistakes. . . just write. Get it down where you can look at what you’ve written. Then, go through and make changes and corrections – but write, write, write. Right?Politics & Religion Sign

Realizing how politics and religion seem to be involved in so much conflict, I’ve decided to write about both of them, in the same story, while not really writing about them. Ready, set, type. First, let’s consider what the two topics have in common. Both are often inherited from parents. Still the same today with religion. Politics, not so much. When I was a kid, people in my small town didn’t talk about their political stance much. My mother, as an example, would never disclose whether she was a Democrat or Republican. It was like a super secret. Others in town were the same way. I don’t know why.

Backing up quite a few years, I do remember when I was in grade school, talking with schoolmates about how we didn’t like that President Truman had brought Gen. MacArthur home. But, I don’t think we were talking politics, it was more that we felt badly for one of our “heroes.” At that time, there were no Star Wars action figures, and shoot ’em up video games, so our heroes were the real thing. Other heroes at the time were mostly baseball stars like Stan Musial, and movie cowboys like Roy Rogers. Now, I’m way off track. I’m supposed to be writing, writing, writing about politics and religion. I’m over the 350 words at which I like to limit my stories, so I’ll say this about politics: I think CNN spends too much time on it. And, about religion: People should believe in whatever they choose, and not bother those who believe differently. There, that should do it.

3 thoughts on “Exploring Two Forbidden Topics

  1. kaptonok says:

    I like your limit where did it come from? There are some tiresomely long posts on Word Press.
    I get the feeling Twitter decided to limit things to benifit its readers.
    I find a big difference in what people claim to believe and how they behave.
    The media have to fill us to the brim its their way of earning a living.


    • billvancil says:

      Kaptonok ~ The 350 word limit was chosen after I had written several posts at what I felt was a comfortable length, and 350 was about the average. I wrote hundreds of radio commercials over the years, and always sensed when I was at thirty seconds or a minute. So, now I feel it when I hit approximately 350 words. So, I guess the limit just set itself. I’m glad you included the other comments, but I won’t reply to those because this post was not intended to start a dialogue.


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