Ten Arrows to Somewhere Else

If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, or checking the online news sites, or just cruising around the internet, you’ve come across those insane arrow filled pages. The ones crammed full of pictures with headlines such as, “Five Veggies Your Should Never Eat,” or “Hollywood Stars Who Are Under Four Feet Tall.” Near those headlines are various arrows. Next to the arrows are fine print you don’t see, “pay off your credit cards in just eight years,” or “learn karate on line.” Click. Whoops. That’s not what I wanted. So, you hit the return button supposed to take you back to the previous page. Now you’re on a page offering to show you how to cure a sore back. And, more arrows.Arrows Circle But, wait; lower down the page are even more arrows. One has a picture of some kale. That must be it. Click. Whoops. Here’s a whole new set of photos and arrows. Take your pick and click: Discounted Prepaid Cremation. Nope. Five Best Luxury Cars Under $150,000. No thanks. Pictures of Cheerleaders Falling Down. Yikes. Now, we’re on a website pitching the pleasures of having a two section reclining mattress. Oops! Pressed the wrong arrow. How could that happen? No we’re getting nowhere. Back to the home page. Let’s see, there’s another arrow; maybe that’s it. Click! There we go, wait a minute, it’s an ad for Jimmy Dean Sushi. Try again. Click. A page with more arrows. Click, click. Yikes! Now, we’re seeing cheerleaders again. No thanks. Over to the side of the page is an ad for the same shoes I was looking at on Zappos last week. Or was it Amazon? Let’s try another arrow down the page a bit. OK, it’s trying to go somewhere. Loading. Loading. Loading. Loading. Loading. Must not want to go there. Try another arrow. Click. There, it’s a picture of a squid. I think. Click. What’s this? Movie Stars Who Look Like Their Dogs.” Click! One more, just one more arrow. Click. There! Now we’re getting somewhere. “The page you’ve selected cannot be displayed. Try again later.” Whew! That’s much better.

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