Prostate Cancer Cured Without Surgery

Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American men. And, according to the latest Brotherhood of the Balloon newsletter. . .it is the number one cause in several states. Yet, it is estimated there are nearly 3 million men who have been diagnosed and are still alive. Why? Because if it’s caught early enough, prostate cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat. Those who die of it, were diagnosed too late, after the cancer hadRead more

New and Improved! Again?

Aquafresh, Gleem, Colgate, Crest, Aim, Pepsodent, and. . .there are so many more. Endless rows, shelf after shelf, box after box, lining the drug store and supermarket aisles. How many different kinds of toothpaste can there possibly be? And, how many different variations? Whitening, decay preventing, sensitive, gel, mint, mint gel, striped, fluoride, and so on. Toothpaste has been around for more than a hundred years, yet somehow the different brands keep coming out as “new and improved.” How manyRead more