Prostate Cancer Cured Without Surgery

Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American men. And, according to the latest Brotherhood of the Balloon newsletter. . .it is the number one cause in several states. Yet, it is estimated there are nearly 3 million men who have been diagnosed and are still alive. Why? Because if it’s caught early enough, prostate cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat. Those who die of it, were diagnosed too late, after the cancer had spread. I urge every man to discuss with his physician whether PSA testing is appropriate in his specific case. I had my first PSA* test at age 63. I scored a 7.15 (seven point one five.) The results suggested doing a biopsy. I was told I had prostate cancer. My urologist recommended surgery, the treatment almost always prescribed by urologists. I preferred to look for an alternative. I searched the internet and discovered “proton beam radiation,” which at the time was offered at only three places in the country. I chose to go to the place that first developed proton treatment in a hospital setting, Loma Linda University in California. I was treated during the summer of 2004, and have been cancer free since. My PSA level remains at less than .05 (point zero five)

LOMALINDA_1024I re-post this story from time to time, because there’s a chance that you, or someone else you know might read this, knows a man who has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. For ten years I served on the International Advisory Council for Loma Linda University’s Proton Treatment Center. I get phone calls and emails on a regular basis from men asking all kinds of questions. Recently, I heard from a former patient whom I talked with ten years ago, thanking me for the info I gave him about proton. Learn more about advantages of proton at the Brotherhood of the Balloon website, and visit Loma Linda Proton Center’s website Proton radiation is not just for prostate cancer, it is used to treat breast cancer, and some forms of non-small-cell lung cancer, as well as brain tumors, even in infants. For an entertaining father-daughter tale, read my book, “Don’t Fear the Big Dogs.” It is available on Amazon and describes in easy terms what proton is about, and what it’s like for a 63-year-old dad and his 13-year-old daughter to embark on a trip to save Dad’s life. Another highly recommended book is “You Can Beat Prostate Cancer. . .” by Bob Marckini.  Also available on Amazon. I have told folks, “If you can only buy one book about prostate cancer, buy Bob’s. If you can buy two, buy one of each. If you can buy three, buy one of Bob’s and two of mine.”

Since my treatment in 2004, new proton centers are opening around the country. For a complete list of other places offering proton beam radiation, and much more about proton beam treatment, visit

  • PSA = Prostate Specific Antigen

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