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Every Saturday morning, when I was about ten years old, I’d go to the movie theater and pay 25 cents to see the western serials. They always ended in a cliff hanger, to insure I’d come back the following week. “Oh, no! The girl in the gingham dress is hanging out a burning window! A cowboy is galloping toward her. . . (to be continued)

My favorite cowboys were Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey, Hopalong Cassidy, and Tom Mix. Gene would often sing in his movies. As would Roy, along with his wife Dale Evans. If you ever listened to Jonathan Little on WISM in Madison, you remember he signed off his show with “Happy trails to you. . .until we meet again. . .” by Roy and Dale.

A few months ago, Jonathan called me and asked me to design a logo for a new internet music format he was working on. He said it was to feature old cowboy songs. Okay, why not? Jonathan liked the logo I designed, which you see here. CB4_JPGBut, I like his new internet music channel even more! The songs take me back to the Roy Rogers 25 cent movie days, but there are also some songs that fit this genre, performed by newer artists, such as Lyle Lovett, George Strait, Emmy Lou Harris, and The Eagles. It just sounds great. Genuine stories, true voices, melodies you will be humming all day.

Here’s an abbreviated version of AccuRadio’s news release:

Cowboy Singers and Poets launched this week on Accuradio. Gene Autry was singing “Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle,” a 1949 hit, as the channel debuted. Three minutes later Michael Martin Murphey was doing “Cowboy Logic”. The music will take cowboys, cowgirls and wannabees back to the prairie, serenading them with gunfighter stories, cattle driving songs, rodeo tunes, and melodies for sweethearts, ghost riders, favorite horses and the buffalo.

Cowboy Singers & Poets is created by radio programmers Jonathan Little and Dave Sholin. Four years ago they launched The Train, followed shortly by The Fast Train. This time, they are joined by longtime KFDI, Wichita personality Orin Friesen. They explain, “This collection of western and cowboy songs may have you remembering the great western movies and TV shows from years gone by.”

It does that, and a lot more. As the old cowboy saying goes, “Hook up to the ol’ internet, throw a log on the gas bonfire, trot out the headphones, and saddle up to the music.” Listen now –>

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  1. Nice story. Roy Rogers was the best.

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