Does the Groundhog Really Know?

All day, February 2nd, I kept thinking about this Groundhog Day thing. If a groundhog somewhere in Pennsylvania comes out of his hibernation, or his cage, or wherever he’s been, and he sees his shadow and runs back in, then it means six more weeks of winter. Does that apply only to Pennsylvania? In Wisconsin there were clouds and snow approaching on Tuesday. It’s doubtful even a groundhog with 20/20 vision could see a shadow there. Incidentally, they have their own groundhog in Wisconsin. Who do they believe? Phil in Punxsutawney or┬áJimmy in Sun Prairie. Here in Arizona everybody saw their shadow. The javelina, the coyote, the roadrunner, even the tarantula who seldom comes out in the daylight.Groundhog

Did someone make this up a long time ago? I remember when my belief in the Easter Bunny was shattered, as I saw my brother in the backyard hiding eggs. I peeked out a window and he was shivering in the morning chill, placing eggs all over, mostly in plain sight.

It took a little longer to figure out that somebody made up Santa Claus. I’m not sure how I learned the truth about him. I know I didn’t see my brother dressed up in a red suit. And then there’s the tooth fairy. I figured that one out early on, but pretended to still believe, because the money was good.

So, in summary. Easter Bunny, no way. Santa, sorry kids. Tooth Fairy, toast. But, Groundhog Day? The jury is still out on Groundhog Day. Maybe there is some meteorological phenomenon, like the animal’s hair swells or his ears plug up. I’m keeping my hope alive that Groundhog Day is for real. Some myths need to live on.

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