A Toast to Frivolity on Facebook

Here’s what I saw pop up on Facebook the other day. Toast. Four rows of toast, four slices to a row. Sixteen slices total, conveniently numbered, the first slightly tanned, then each slice getting gradually darker, until number sixteen looked like a beat up hockey puck. The text read something like, “Which kind of toast do you like?” Well, I like number eleven, it’s sort of a medium dusty chestnut color; reminds me of a bruise I had on my hip, that time I fell down at the bowling alley.Facebook Question.

I think Facebook has many redeeming values; and I guess there’s room for nonsensical puzzles like these. I just fail to see the point. Who takes the time to toast sixteen slices of bread, one at a time, each for a little bit longer, to get sixteen multi-shades of toast. Who would do that? Or, even think of it. Why not different stages of a frozen chicken pot pie? From frozen to bubbling over in a microwave mess? I’d pick number seven, looks like it’s a perfect 160 degrees, slightly browned on top, crispy edges. In Facebook lingo, yum!

And what about those long row, after row, after row, after row, of the letter “h,” then they stick in an “n” somewhere, and you have to play “where’s Waldo” to find it. All you have to do is scan back and forth in a criss-cross fashion and you’ll spot it, unless your cataracts are worse than mine. If you really want to impress people, share it along with, “I found it, in just thirty-six minutes.”

Another that gets me is the post with a stimulating challenge like, “Name a state without the letter ‘A’ in it – it’s harder than you think.” Yeah, except for the people who live in Ohio, or Illinois, or Wisconsin, or Tennessee, or a bunch of other states. Why not make it, ” Name a Hawaiian food without kangaroo in it?”

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that do make a lot of sense, even have redeeming value. I love seeing pictures of puppies, kittens, and any baby animal, other than a snake. There’s little doubt, there is no baby animal that isn’t cute, except a snake. Human babies. . . not always so cute. I don’t mind a baby picture or six, here and again, as long as a friendly bulldog is licking the kid’s face, or the baby is waving its chubby arms in delight at a koala bear. Aww. . .

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One thought on “A Toast to Frivolity on Facebook

  1. Dave Coopman says:

    Facebook definitely has its place, especially for sharing human/animal baby pics, life events, personal news, etcetera, I dislike the repeated political posts, especially when many are not true. And I certainly wouldn’t form my political decisions solely on Facebook posts. But what really gets my goat is when someone posts something like, “Time for bed, good night.” Is that REALLY necessary? Like, who cares?


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