Any Way You Spell It…

From time to time, we have picked on Facebook and the quality of its content. But, admittedly, there are a lot of good posts and usable advice that surfaces. But, those good things can get lost among the the clutter of pointless dribble that shows up all to often. You know, like those silly quizzes such as,”Name a fruit that has more than one vowel in it.”

Let me think. Banana is too obvious. Avocado as well. Wait a second! Here’s a better idea. Why not ask, “What fruit, that starts and ends with a vowel, is among the most misspelled fruits?” Avocado. Some people spell it avacado.” That’s how many say it, “ah-vah-kah-dough,” not “ah-voh-kah-dough.”Avocado

That brings up the topic of remembering how to spell things. Let’s take that fruit we mentioned. It’s the second vowel that’s causing the problem. It’s an “o” not an “a.” How do we remember that? Simple. An avocado is mostly round, like an “O,” especially in its center, not shaped like an “A.” Therefore, second letter is “O.” Most avocados start out sort of egg shaped, but they get more round by people in the store squeezing them to see if they are ripe.

Oh, we were talking about Facebook. But, enough about that. I’d rather write about how to spell things. We have room for one more, two actually. Desert and dessert. I have seen pictures on the web of some gooey cake with the caption “Six deserts to try before you die.” Well, I live in the Sonoran Desert, and I’ve seen the Mojave. Only four to go. Oh, did they mean desserts? Like pie? Here’s how to remember this one. Desert has only one “S” like the sand in the desert. Dessert has two, like in strawberry shortcake.

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