Meet Our First Guest Author

The most viewed stories, so far, on Brainshowers, have been our old radio stories; most of them from my time as a disc jockey and program director. But, radio is more than programming. There are other departments in a radio station. Like the Sales  Department.

While among radio people, there are legendary stories of “sales versus programming,” each department knows it takes both for a radio station to be successful. While disc jockeys get the headlines, sales people have stories to tell as well. We thought it would be interesting to share some of those sales stories on Brainshowers, so we have sought out one of the real superstars of radio sales to be our first Guest Author.

Chris Lytle is well equipped to tell some interesting tales.Chris Lytle.Gremlin circa 73The Accidental Basketball Star.” It ranks as our second most viewed story since our blog began in October of 2015. (Second only to the one about Ike and Tina Turner.)

On February 26th we posted Chris Lytle’s first story as a Guest Author. It’s a chilling parable that will make you shiver as never before. Don’t miss it if you possibly can.

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