Month: March 2016

Thoughts on Having Birthdays

March 30th was my birthday. To friends who also hang out on Facebook, thanks for all the nice thoughts and wishes. Otherwise, the day was uneventful. It’s kind of tradition in my world to allow a person to spend the day however he or…

A Haunting Tale from Tombstone

Tombstone, Arizona is a real city. It has a high school, gas stations, and everything. Many think of it as just a tourist attraction, and that’s what one section of the city is. It’s an interesting place, “Old Tombstone,” a section of town devoted…

Impossible Plastic Packaging

It’s called clamshell packaging. You know the kind. Hard plastic, pressure-wrapped around almost anything from toy tractors to printer ink. It is impossible to open within a reasonable amount of time without hurting yourself, or breaking into an uncontrollable sweat.

Train Ride Becomes a Musical Journey

It’s generally accepted that insignificant things that happen during one’s early childhood can have an influence on directions we take and decisions we make in subsequent years. Such is the case of picking up a vacation souvenir, and having it turn into a serious avocation.

It’s All About the Shot!

In our weekend story we mused about songs that just “pop into your head.” We got some interesting comments. After watching the NCAA basketball tournament game last night, it occurred to me that

It’s All About the Song

Not everyone who reads Brainshowers also spends time on Facebook. In fact, I created Brainshowers as a sort of an escape from Facebook. Not meant to replace it, but to be seen as a way to read a story and not be bombarded by ads,

A Dog Who Knew What to Do

Dogs can be trained to do amazing things. They can learn many words, and how to respond to them. Our dog Roy goes to the front door in the living room when he hears, “Want to go out?” If we say it differently, “Want…

Trains, Boats, and…?

By my junior year in high school, I’d visited 48 States and 13 foreign countries – without ever getting on an airplane! Sound impossible? 

Dancing Through Commercials

It just keeps happening. A perfectly good television commercial is going along, minding its own business, when people start dancing. In the middle of the street,on top of a mattress, at the dentist’s office. TV commercials can cost nearly as much to produce as it costs…

Thoughts on Owning a Dog

Becoming a dog owner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If you are about to bring a new canine family member into the fold, we would encourage you to give serious thought to what lies ahead.

Kudos to a Courteous Cop

(Replicated from original”Amazing Cop Story,” published 11/16/15) Long ago, and far away in a place called Kewanee, Illinois, my home town, I was driving my high mileage Dodge van north on Tenney Street, the street on which I lived as a child. 

News from the Kitchen Table

WKEI radio, in the early ’60s, was located on the second floor of an older building in downtown Kewanee, Illinois. By today’s standards, the station would look as old as the OK Corral in Tombstone.

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