It’s All About the Song

Not everyone who reads Brainshowers also spends time on Facebook. In fact, I created Brainshowers as a sort of an escape from Facebook. Not meant to replace it, but to be seen as a way to read a story and not be bombarded by ads, arrows to nowhere, and posts which can only evoke impulsive comments, like “wow” and “yum.”

All too often, valuable Facebook landscape is taken up by superficial “quizzes” like “name a state without the letter A,” or by promos offering to show you 25 pictures of cheerleaders who landed wrong, or celebrities who gained more than 200 pounds.

Having said all that, I’ve decided to throw out to my readers, including Facebook friends, a challenge. Not a quiz, but a kind of game that might be fun. Or, it might be a waste of time. You decide.

Here goes. Without any regard to what songs are your favorites, and starting with a blank sheet of mind, name the first five songs that come into your brain. Not necessarily favorites. Just songs that pop in. OK, go. Then scroll down to see the five that mysteriously came into my head.



(keep going)




Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor

Here are the songs that popped into my head on an early Saturday morning. In no particular order.

Cara Mia – Jay and the Americans
Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
Detroit City – Bobby Bare
It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones
All About the Bass – Meghan Trainor

I’m open for analysis. Amateur psychologists, have at it.

3 thoughts on “It’s All About the Song

  1. Rocky Stuffelbeam says:

    At This Moment — Billy Vera
    Cocaine — Eric Clapton
    Don’t Look Back — Boston
    Simple Man — Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Shake It Off — Taylor Swift

    That’s my “continuous loop in my head” list. (One of them is not like the others.)


  2. Dave Coopman says:

    Fly Me to the Moon – Joe Harnell
    Rock and Roll Woman – Buffalo Springfield
    Sgt. Pepper – the Beatles
    The World We Knew – Frank Sinatra
    What Is Love – Haddaway

    A somewhat eclectic grouping, wouldn’t you say? But those were the first that popped. I’ll join you in the psychologist’s office.


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