It’s All About the Shot!

In our weekend story we mused about songs that just “pop into your head.” We got some interesting comments. After watching the NCAA basketball tournament game last night, it occurred to me that some of us may have certain memorable sports moments that we recall, ones we won’t ever forget.


Bronson Koenig’s buzzer beater three-pointer to beat Xavier has now been added to my list, right along with seeing Stan Musial hit a home run when I was a kid, seeing Darrell Bevell cross the goal line, football held high, to win 1994 the Rose Bowl for the Badgers, beatng UCLA.

Another Wisconsin moment, from last season’s NCAA tournament, has to be on the list. Who can forget when clock hit zero and the sports world stood in amazement, realizing that undefeated Kentucky had been knocked off by Wisconsin.

Wisconsin almost didn’t make the “Big Dance” at all this year. Few gave them much of a chance to advance. But, look at these guys now. Notre Dame is next on the schedule. Can the Badgers keep it going? Judging from what’s been going on in this tourney, anything can happen. Go Badgers.

Incidentally, if you watched the game you probably saw Bill Murray sitting in the crowd, and looking a bit sad at the end. His son is an assistant coach at Xavier. Some nice trivia for the water cooler today.

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