Thoughts on Having Birthdays

March 30th was my birthday. To friends who also hang out on Facebook, thanks for all the nice thoughts and wishes. Otherwise, the day was uneventful. It’s kind of tradition in my world to allow a person to spend the day however he or she likes. I chose to chill out and do pretty much nothing outside of the normal routine. Get up, take the dog out. Work on stuff on the computer. Take the dog out.

I tried to watch television for a bit, but turned it off when I saw two brand new commercials with people dancing around mindlessly for no reason, other than they’d discovered a new detergent (Gain) or because of a new offer from a cell phone provider (Sprint.) I’ve written about it before. I really dislike those kinds of commercials. So, I just turned the TV off. Click, done, black screen. I refused to let the unimaginative ad writers wreck my birthday.

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I spent some time trying to remember what I did or felt on previous birthdays. I’ve had a lot of them, and I came to the conclusion they were all pretty much the same, except for the location and the people I was with. Birthday cake was almost always involved. Sometimes ice cream.

One or two birthdays do stand out. I remember turning twelve and being upset because I had to start paying 25 cents instead of a dime to go to the Saturday movies. I remember another which occurred when I was in basic training at Fort Ord, California while in my early twenties. I qualified as “expert” in firing the 81 millimeter mortar, and got the rest of the day off from training. I treated myself to ice cream at the post exchange. Except for those two, all the other birthdays are a frosting coated blur.

I may remember this birthday, because this is the one hundreth story I have written for Brainshowers since we started the blog five months ago.

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