Why No Ads on Brainshowers?

On practically every website you visit these days, you’ll see ads of some sort or another. Some are just text ads, a simple non-threatening sentence such as, “See the all new 2016 Volvo.” And, then there are the enticing teaser ads such as, “Twenty Celebrities Who Got Old Too Fast.” Click on one of these and you open a whole can of Pandora’s worms. Arrows that point in every direction, none of which takes you where you wanted to go. Unfortunately, that’s how many websites survive. It’s an advertising medium after all, and like radio, television, and magazines, they need to run ads to generate revenue. Paint Mic Montage

When I started Brainshowers back in October, I vowed not to have it junked up with a bunch of ads. I wanted it to be “commercial free,” like public television only not as boring. So, how does Brainshowers survive? Well, in the beginning it was self-funded, but didn’t cost a lot. Just a domain name, a small fee to WordPress, and a heck of a lot of my time. But, it was not my intention to run a non-profit venture that was that time-consuming. So, is there a punch line?

Yes. There ARE ads on Brainshowers. They are the unobtrusive links you see at the top of the page. “Freelance Writing,” “Logo Design,” and a link to my business site “BillVancil.com.” This is how I earn money. Since I started Brainshowers, I have designed a logo for an internet music station, built a website for another, designed a website for a large craft store, edited official letters to assist attorneys in immigration cases, and recorded telephone answering prompts for a major hospital.

So, Brainshowers is not really ad free. But, is this why I started this blog? To advertise what I do and make money? Not at all, it was an afterthought actually. I started it because I wanted to share stories from what I think has been a pretty interesting journey through several decades. I love to write. Just as I’ve loved to design and do radio. As many successful people will tell you. “Do what you love doing, do it well, and in time the money will follow.”

What can we create for you?   Or, somebody you know.  BillVancil.com

One Comment on “Why No Ads on Brainshowers?

  1. Not sure how much Public TV you’ve been watching, BV, but it is, I think even by your definition, “all junked up with ads”. Of course, instead of ads, they call them “supporter messages”, but they’re ads, to be sure. The millions who watched Downton Abbey had to sit through about four minutes of “supporter messages” before each episode. In Wisconsin, Public TV has even allowed sales of ads…er, supporter messages….in individual markets, for each of the many affiliate stations. On the Public TV station which serves Madison, WHA-TV, ads…I mean supporter messages….for outfits like MG&E….are regularly seen. Of course, the WI Public TV folks, like the national outfit, don’t allow the supporters to say anything like “buy our service/product”; it’s all just “isn’t this nice; we’re good folks and we hope you will like us”. Kinda like the messages that precede any Public TV offering: depending on the level of their “supportership”, the message could say as little as “This program is brought to you by forward thinking businesses like Deloitte and Touche” or as much as “and supporters like Deloitte and Touche, accounting and auditing services for today’s businesses, including worldwide consulting service for businesses seeking an advantage in their marketing, distribution, or delivery services”.

    Reading your blog is a pleasure; and I’m thankful not to have to x-out popup ads or have my attention diverted by dancing raisins inviting me to click on a link to see more ads.

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