How Gorillas Remember Passwords

Writing down passwords in a secret place is fine, if you can remember where you wrote them. But, I think it’s good to have at least a few of your most often used passwords memorized. Here’s a trick I use for some websites. I learned it from a gorilla I met in a little known zoo bar. Not really, but I made that up so I could have a grabber headline.

First, pick a four or five digit number you can remember. And, make it one that, if you forget it, you can look up, in a place nobody else would know to look, such as the zip code for a friend or relative. We’ll use Aunt Joyce’s zip code which is 51965.GORILLA_plain

Now, let’s say you need a password for a new, protected website you’d like to visit, named Okay, so you split the name in half (tricky – games), and put Aunt Joyce’s zip code in the middle, in between the two syllables. The password comes out: tricky51965games. If you want to make it a bit more secure, capitalize one of the letters, but not the first letter. It’s better to use one of the others, like the one right before the number, like this: trickY51965games. Hint: Use the same number in the middle for all your passwords, or it defeats the purpose. Be consistent with the capitalization thing also. The only thing that changes is the name of the website. It’s unlikely anyone will guess Aunt Joyce’s zip code. And, tell her to let you know if she moves.

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