Old Cell Phone Becomes a Hero

Upgrading your smart phone? Before you trade-in, sell, or turn your old phone into a paperweight, read this: For some reason, I’ve never had any of the experts at the Apple Store tell me this, and I can’t recall reading much about it anywhere. I accidentally figured it out. Recently, I upgraded my iPhone 5C to the new small but potent SE. I kept the old phone mainly as a backup source of pictures stored on it, knowing I could plug it in to my desktop and retrieve them. I kept it plugged into a charger, and after a while I noticed it was still receiving emails. No text messages, just emails. It did not want to leave the comfort of wi-fi. It seems the old phone will still do everything the new one will, except make calls and send or receive texts. It’s like a really little iPad.iPhone Three

On our patio, we have a small, inexpensive Blue Tooth receiver, about the size of a cigar box, tucked away next to the grill, where it’s protected from the sun and rain. It is wired up to a couple of weather proof speakers. At one time, the speakers were hooked up to a big old Kenwood receiver, but the old-fashioned receiver could not withstand the Arizona heat. But now. thanks to modern technology, the semi-retired iPhone has become a hero, having found a new home on the patio as a music provider. We turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, turn on the little receiver, which picks up the wi-fi, choose an internet music source, and grill to the music.

Besides using an old cell phone as a music source, it can also be used to take pictures, play your favorite games, or given to a little kid on which to play more complicated games, or used as a “trainer” cell phone, far better than the plastic ones you might find in the toy aisle at the drug store. You can never start a child too early if you want him or her to develop a mentally disabling addition to using a cell phone. And, not to overlook the obvious, the old phone can also be a backup if your new phone accidental gets set down on the barbecue grill, while you are tuning the old one to play the hits for your cookout.

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