Career Detour: Through a Scary House

In 1968 there was a brief interruption in my radio career. I left my job at KSTT to sell mutual funds for a company called Investors Diversified Services (IDS). After a few months of trying to sell funds, I found the training boring, the job generally uninteresting. As a result, I didn’t get many people to invest. It didn’t take long to realize I should have stayed in radio. However, there was one shining moment in as a mutual fund salesman thatRead more

Play That “New” Jingle Again

My neighbor had been complaining for weeks that his golf game kept getting worse. Shank to the left, shank to the right. Chip from the rough. Putt, putt, putt. Then one morning, when I stopped over for coffee, he announced “I had a great game yesterday, with my new clubs. . .” His old clubs were perfectly good. And, the set before that as well. But, sometimes golf clubs just stop working. The whole set. No good. Enter the new andRead more

Shades of Early Learning

Many people remember a favorite grade school teacher, one they liked the most and often paid attention to. I would venture that if you’ll think back, and decide which teacher was your favorite, you would find it was one who also influenced your life more than others. I was trying to  remember the names of all my grade school teachers. I remembered most of them. Taking this a bit further, I tried to remember what the classrooms looked like, and recall certain events,Read more