Purple Sky, Lightning, and Lou

Since she was a little one, I recognized that my daughter, Tori Lou, whom I call “Lou” and most others call “Tori” was a creative soul. As she grew older she became accomplished at drawing, painting, and graphic arts. In addition she developed into a very good photographer. Until recently, upon reading some of her posts on social media, I had not noticed that somehow she has acquired some writing skills. I welcome her to Brainshowers as our second “Guest Author.” What follows is from one of Tori Vancil’s recent posts on Facebook. ~  BV

One evening, as an angry thunderstorm was letting up, I sat on the edge of an outcrop of stone high above the valley of the rolling hills in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Just barely above the tops of the trees, nestled in the valley below, the sun was setting in the west, orange peeking through ominous clouds; and to the south the storm that just disrupted us was rolling away to drench the next small farm town.

TLV Lightning FINAL
Photo by Tori Vancil – Blue Mounds, WI – 2016

The lightning show had me in awe. Constant strikes of blue and purple against the greenish yellow sky. As the wind blew, it knocked every drop of rain off the leaves and branches where they had landed, sending them falling down through the layers of greenery below, sounding like another, smaller rain storm. My mind seemed clear, untroubled, and my heart, open and warm. I am so grateful – for the trees, the rain, the stillness right before a storm and the ease in breath after it has passed.TLV Lightning 2 I am grateful for the incredible beauty Wisconsin has to offer around every turn, and how accessible these spaces are. I am most grateful for my friends and my family and the support and love they all provide on a daily basis, whether they are aware of it or not. I love them all so dearly. Watching the beauty of nature unfold, as it did that evening, nurtures these feelings of love and appreciation. ~  TLV

1 response to Purple Sky, Lightning, and Lou

  1. Laura Vancil says:

    She is developing incredible writing skills BV ~ I wonder where she got that? I am proud to be her Momma!! 😉


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