What the Cubs Gave Us

Finally, the Cubs got their World Series Championship – and none too soon. Somehow American History owed them that. It was hard-earned and well deserved. However, just as important as what the team received, is what the Cubs gave to America. That group of talented guys rekindled an interest in baseball among many who were previously just casual observers of the game. The Cubs showed talent, teamwork, and a lot of sincere emotion. cubs-jumpingOn the field they made some unbelievable plays, and they introduced the game to people who until now held only a passing interest in “the national pastime.” Because of the up close and personal television coverage, over the entire series of games, we got to know the players and managers. We saw them laugh, frown, scream and jump for joy, cry, and spit . They became friends.  Baseball is better because of the Cubs. What a great team, and many of them so young and skilled beyond their years. Season ticket holders in Chicago have a lot to look forward to in the coming seasons. Way to go…Cubs. You have revitalized the game, and shortened fingernails of millions of fans throughout the world. Can’t wait until next year.

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