One Obvious Key to Success

Coming up with original ideas has been an important part of my life. As a radio programmer, graphic designer, writer and musician – coming up with new, innovative ideas has paved the way to my successes. Why then do I have a cat named “Kitty?” Why not “Fluffball,” or “Dandelion?” The reason is she adopted us. She walked out from a horse barn and followed me and my dog Roy home.  We had seen her before, calling her “Kitty” or sometimes “Kitty Kitty,” the traditional way to get a cat’s attention (it doesn’t work.) We just kept calling her “Kitty,” and no it seems odd to imagine calling her anything else. That’s her name. Kitty Looking at CompTEDDYSimilarly, the teddy bear I got for Christmas when I was two years old, is named “Teddy.” (I still have him.)  I suspect both instances are more likely related to a rule I’ve followed, which I’ve taught others over the years. “Don’t overlook the obvious.” Then why was my dog named “Roy” and not “Doggie?” The reason is obvious – that would sound stupid. In problem solving, in writing, in humor, I’ve stuck to this doctrine, “Don’t overlook the obvious.

(The original version of this story was posted on Oct. 25, 2015. Regretfully, Roy passed away the day before Memorial Day, this Spring at age 12. Kitty has a new puppy friend she is warming up to gradually.  More about “Paco” in an upcoming post.)

Read all about a great dog/cat relationship in my book, “Roy and Kitty.” 

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