The story of my journey to Loma Linda, accompanied by my then teenage daughter, Tori Lou. It fun, informative, and not all that time-consuming.Bill Vancil’s newest book, “Almost an Addict” has received rave reviews and has been described as a book that may well save lives. billboard_6x4-5After three months in the hospital getting a liver transplant and taking pain medication, Bill Vancil emerged physically dependent upon an opiate. His six year affair with oxycodone, and his resolve to rid himself of the dependency, makes for a great read. The book squarely explains the difference between dependency and addiction. Bill was not an addict, just almost.

“Don’t Fear the Big Dogs” was a ground-breaking book, one of the first to tell of proton radiation treatment for prostate cancer, in an easy to read narrative style. As entertaining as it is informative, it is a good read for anyone and must read for anyone recently diagnosed with prostate cancer or certain other forms of cancer now being treated with proton radiation. In 2005-2006 Bill Vancil participated in twenty-six Barnes and Noble book signings and more than seventy radio and television interviews. Bill served on the International Advisory Council of Loma Linda University’s Proton Treatment Center for ten years, and has counseled scores of men on facing the decision regarding choice of treatment for prostate cancer.

Roy and Kitty book

“Roy and Kitty” was originally intended as a kid’s book, but it turns out pet lovers of all ages have enjoyed its meaningful story of unconditional love and friendship, as well as the more than forty full color photographs, all taken by the author. This book has found its way onto the bookshelves in kindergartens and nursing homes alike.

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