Photo Gallery

All photos taken in and around the Tucson/Marana, Arizona area. Latest additions appear at the top of the page. Unless otherwise noted, all were taken by Bill Vancil, author of


Golden Cactus
Taken from our backyard, later afternoon.


Bill and puggle Roy casting a long shadow on Camino del Norte in Marana, AZ



This double rainbow followed a September monsoon storm. Taken from our back patio. Where the rainbow touches down at the far left is the city of Oro Valley. Oro in Spanish means gold.



In the spring when the Saguaro cactus begins to bloom, the birds arrive in numbers. This semi-closeup was taken from our back patio.


Every morning we are treated to a different show.


It is rare to have measurable snowfall in the Sonoran Desert. Photo taken on Camino del Norte, two blocks from our home, on January 1, 2015.


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